ESC/POS Command Set for Reliance Thermal Printer

The Reliance Thermal Printer is your reliable thermal printing solution for self-service kiosk and custom OEM applications. This printer supports 60mm - 80mm paper widths, runs fast, reliably, and has a dedicated team of engineers who can help make your project successful.


This document provides a detailed list of all the ESC/POS commands that are supported by the PTI Reliance Thermal Printer. This document will provide descriptions, explanations, use cases, and examples of how to use the ESC/POS command protocol supported by the Reliance Printer.

Please refer to our operations manual for detailed cleaning and usage instructions:


Thermal Talk ESC/POS API automates a lot of these features for you. Continue reading this document if your specific requirements are not yet covered by our ESC/POS API.

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